Hello everybody! I have had a busy day here. I have not been online much.
Tried to make my daily clicks at sharedspace and a few other places.
It is almost time to get to bed too! Last night the Phillies won the World Series, now there is not much on to watch but football.

I hope everyone had a gooooood day!

Hi !

Hello everyone.....how is your day? Pretty good here. Has anyone checked out The New York Pass? I was wondering if anyone signed up or checked into it further. It is nice and sunny and warmer here today. What is the weather like where you are?



How is everyone today? It is nice out here. I have spent most of day creating another blog about the upcoming NBA season. I will post a link for it here.
I have also been doing my daily clicking at ShareAdSpace.
And also at the numerous other paid to click and paid to read programs I belong too. I will list a few more of them here later. Here is the ShareAdSpace link again.

Have a great day!

New York Pass

Planning a trip to New York? I have never been there myself, but I came across this site the other day and thought it looked good. So I thought I would pass it along to you and see what your opinion was.

How many of you have been to NY? I would love to go someday!


Just wanted to blog again quick to say it is snowing here! Not alot just some light snow....flurries. But it is only Oct. 26 and our first little snow of the year, I live in eastern Iowa. Anyone else see any snow so far this year?


How is everyone tonight? I am just watching MLB on tv and also watching the movie Panic Room, I have not seen it for awhile. I am also making my daily clicks at ShareAdSpace. Has anyone checked this program out yet? I see I have one new signup! I hope you are having good luck with it too. I am in the Top 10 List again today! I have surfed 349 pages so far.

goooooood morning....

It is nice and sunny out today. Might go for a walk later. Otherwise the NASCAR race is on. Did anyone happen to checkout zoobooks or shareadspace yet? If you are wondering.....the Google and AdBrite links are all connected to me too. So is YouTube!

Does anyone have anything exciting planned for today?


bored tonight

How is everyone doing tonight? Anything exciting going on? Kind of bored here. Has anyone checked out zoobooks or signed up yet? Let me know if you need any help and tell me what you think of zoobooks. The webiste is nice and informative. I like the background music. LOL. But I like any kind of music.



I came across this site a few weeks ago where you can get a free poster, free issue and 24 free stickers. I oredered the subscription for my niece. The site is made for kids up to about the age of 12. It even has cool animal music playing in the background.

Zoobooks Magazine

It has teaching units available to for teachers. Just like Zoobooks, Zootles is full of animal fun. And Zootles is written to be shared with young children: pre-readers and beginning readers. You can pay right away or it has the bill me later option too.

Just thought I would share this with everyone!


goodmorning......it is nice and sunny out today. no more rain.
i am starting to surf at sharadspace again and watching some vids on youtube.
soon the college football games will be on tv....in about an hour. iowa does not play today....it is their bye week. anyone else going to watch the games today? dont forget to check out my new website!


have a good day!


almost bedtime here. just finishing up some final things with my website and checking out some vids on youtube.....as u can see i added it to my side bar of my blog. thought it would be an easy way for ppl to get to youtube. i have also been clicking alot at shareadspace tonight and i watched the movie halloween! it is that time of the year.


I am trying to find a good place to build another website? Any good suggestions? I would prefer a free place, but some of them do not have very good designs. I just dont want to spend alot of money to create one either when I do not know if it is going to pay off. I guess that is the risk we take!

So has anyone visited my new website listed in the previous post? I see I have a few hits to it.

My new website!

I created a new website in the past few days. It still needs some work and I will be adding more to it soon! This webpage is mainly devoted to office supplies. There are some good places to buy items at with good prices. I have ordered several times at 4inkjets. It is usually cheaper than buying these items in the store. Some of these sites offer free items and free shipping.


Check it out and tell me what you think and give some advice!


Anyone been watching the World Series? Game 2 tonight. I will watch but not a hugh fan since the Cubs are out of it. I suppose I would like the Phillies to win now. Soon it will basketball season. Pre season already under way!
Good morning.....how is everyone doing? Rain and fog here again today. Hope it clears up soooooon. LOL. I have been adding a few things to my blog as you can see. I added youtube! Feel free to click on it and watch a few things. Does anyone go to youtube often??

Have a good day!


Mid afternoon here and I have been spending most of the day clicking at SAS and learning about google adsense. As you can see I put the google banner above. It is affiliated with me and any revenue generated from it will go to my account. I still have more to learn about it, but it was fairly simple so far.

Good morning

Good morning here......just getting online for the day. It is raining and yucky outside today. Time to start surfing and going through my emails for the day. I just started a gmail account a few days ago and have found it to be faster and more reliable than yahoo. What email account do you out there prefer?



I spend several hours a day surfing and doing my traffic sites like the one listed above. I have made more than 300 clicks at SAS so far today, you can see me listed in the top 10 list of the tont section. tont is the tradeornotrade game, designed to be like the tv show deal or no deal. You win free credits, anywhere from 0-2,000. I have won the 2,000 several time, but it depends on your luck of course!

Online opportunities

I have been earning money online since 1996. I bought my first desktop pc that summer. I like to surf at traffic exchange sites everyday to earn credits. I then in return spend those credits to advertise my sites that make me money. One of my favorite sites is ShareAdSpace. It is run by a very longterm and honest webmaster. Here is a link if you would like to check it out. Message me with any questions.

I will tell you more about this site later and share with you some of my great results.

How am I blogging so far?